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Qi-Mag Business Feng Shui

You feel like you should change something in your company? You already did everything you could but haven't made any improvement?

Grandmaster Dr. Lim states that "Over 70% of business failure and improfitable business, one Feng Shui problem accounts for over 80% of the problems."

The profound and contemporary Qi-Mag Business Feng Shui helps you to increase the success of your business and make it stable.

The following problems of a business can be corrected via Feng Shui measures:  

  • leadership crises
  • deficit of innovation
  • unproductive employees
  • frequent work accidents
  • mobbing and burnout
  • high rate of illness
  • unnecessary lawsuits
  • overly high costs
  • low profit
  • shop is not receiving attention
  • clientele is not growing  

Qi-Mag Business Feng Shui offers interesting and effective possibilities for your company to support the overall success by means of conscious exterior changes! 

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