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Impressions of our work

"Shalini Mehra has always been a reliable and trusting partner to me. She is a rock for me, with an open ear, a good sense and a direct honest nature. She remains open to suggestions - her life experience gives her the opportunity of a courageous appearance.

You value her empathy, both in her private and professional lives, without losing herself. This paired with a high level of ethnic understanding and grounding gives her the power to guide one through all situations of life in a sovereign, honest and unshakeable manner." (Kathrin R., Consultant)

"She has brought our large pediatric practice back on track. Good job!"
(Dr. med. Andreas S., Owner)

"Dear ,  

We as the entire human resources department have a great desire to you.  

In the short time Mrs. Mehra is with us, we have built up a very good working relationship with her, which is getting better every day. We would very much like to keep Mrs. Mehra as HR Director and supervisor. If there is a possibility from your side, to meet our request, we would be very happy.   Greetings

D.F., A.W., R.S., C.H., A.E." (The HR Team)


"Mrs. Mehra offers an excellent mix of training, feng shui and coaching - always with a view to long-term success. In three months I've been able to get my business back on track towards success, handle important personal issues, and, in addition, launched a new business model that I would never have accomplished without her support. Shalini Mehra has been extremely responsive to my individual needs and has shown me the right path by choosing the right methods. By redesigning my office space, I am now able to work more energized and focused. Mrs. Mehra has been able to introduce me to this completely new world with a flair without taking me by surprise, and the redesigning of my office has even given me pleasure.

In our previous conversation, she quietly identified what we need to work on. The mixture of prepared conversation, but also openness, was rounded off by exercises that I was able to implement well and from which the success in my way of working lasts until today.

In a Past Life Coaching, which I was initially very skeptical about, Mrs. Mehra finally helped me to deal with longterm behavioural blockages. Tis experience gave me a new perspectives, a more comfortable feeling returned into my work and the new thirst for action inspired me."  (Stefan B., Managing Director)




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