Praxis für HypnoSystemsiches Coaching & Feng Shui



We listen to you and lead you gently through your process.

  • What are your lifetime topics?
  • Are you aware of your strengths?
  • Where did you get stuck?

Depending on your topic (e.g. trust, fear of failure, relationships, career, etc.) we offer you short-term and long-term coachings. 


Our trainings will support you during your own process and prepare you for the "next level". 

Your choice:

  • Leadership Training - How to motivate and lead your team.
  • Human Resources - The basics for your daily work.
  • Feng Shui - Optimize your living and working environment for the best possible support.

The way of learning will connect the highest potential of your brain - clearly structured, lots of examples, empathic.


You need to exchange your ideas or need advice? With our profound experience you will be supported in your process to find the right path for you.

The method:

  • One Year
  • Monthly Meetings
  • Regular conversations inbetween
  • Task to learn and grow



We accompany you for several hours or even days in your work process. As a rule, we stay completely behind the scenes and do not interfere, only observing. Then there is a detailed feedback conversation about what was able to observe and notice. For example, this feedback may refer to 

  • Behavior in exceptional and experienced situations
  • Communication  (with superiors, colleagues, employees)   
  • Appearance and effect Leadership   
  • Presentation skills    
  • Conflict management etc. 

The shadowing or feedback discussion can also be the basis for a detailed coaching process that follows.

You like to learn more about. Please Get in touch.